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To remove these obstacles and to make healthy living integral to our daily routine, Dr. Dutta studied our scriptures and books on Ayurveda, met botanists, dug out traditional knowledge around plant medicines in India, and visited the natural habitats of a range of plants across the length and breadth of our country.

At WholeLeaves, we bring you nature, in its purest form. Our dried whole leaves are picked up from their natural habitat and retain maximum potency. You can use it as tea, seasoning, or infusions based on their medicinal or cosmetic value and your convenience.

The venture is pioneered by Dr. Amitabh Dutta and is backed by a team of researchers, botanists, naturopaths, and trained farmers from different parts of the country. Right from identifying the source to harvesting the leaves and drying and packaging those WholeLeaves works extensively to ensure authenticity to its customers – “Source to Soul”.

Dr. Amitabh Dutta realized early in his medical life that long-term cure and prevention of most of the ailments resides only in nature. Nature is bountiful, curative, healing, and yet poorly utilized.

  • There is inadequate, inappropriate, and half-baked information around usages of the flora around us.

  • Plant products are not available in pure form – The powdered form, tablets, and oils are susceptible to adulteration and usage of chemicals for fragrance and preservation.


To promote a culture of wellness. WholeLeaves proposes a movement from “symptomatic disease treatment” to preventing it through wellness. A movement to ensure complete wellbeing – physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual through authentic use of plants and its parts.


Sarve Bhawantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah!


  • Authentic product in their pristine form – Our leaves are dried whole leaves that do not have any preservative, adulteration, or added flavors. The naturally dried leaves.have three times more potency than live leaves, making our product richer in value and cost-effective too.

  • Brought from the appropriate sources, harvested at the right time – Every plant needs a unique set of temperature, pressure, and climatic environment to achieve their potency. Moreover, the plant parts need to be harvested at the right time to ensure the active ingredients have the required efficacy. In sourcing, we have taken care of these facts, bringing leaves from the place they originally belong. Therefore, thyme is sourced from Nilgiris while rosemary comes to you from the Western Ghats (Tamil Nadu).

  • Extensive and accurate information around usages of the leaves – We speak of not just the benefits of the leaves, but also how to harness those, how not to use it, how to preserve its potency to the longest, and a host of other aspects related to each leaf in its natural form

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