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Doctor's Commitment: See, Feel & Consume Real Whole Leaves!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Plants, nature's best gift to us.

Our country is full of magical medicinal plants and herbs which are going out and normally return in the form of packaged medicines, protein in powder, capsule of vitamin E etc. which have higher cosmetic value. It is important for us to understand the natural treasure of our own herbs for real wellness as these herbs were used by our previous generations in day to day life for prevention and treatment of common ailments.

Our Previous Generation Used These Effectively

If you ask your grandparents, they would share that when they were young, many natural methods were used in treatment of common diseases and also in maintaining long-term wellness. Nowadays, these are availables in a packaged form. I.e. in protein in powder, capsule of vitamin E, tablet etc. where you are not sure of the contents as you cannot see and feel the real natural ingredients.

A Doctor's Promise & Efforts In Bringing Nature To You.

Therefore the main objective of the founders of Wholeleaves. I.e. Dr.Amitabh Datta and Dr. Shyama Nagarajan, is to make our young generation aware of such natural herb treasure. The users should be able to see the natural herbs in raw and pristine form so that they are sure of the contents and are fully aware of the objective of using these herbs.

Internet is full of information regarding herbs, plants etc. and the associated benefits from them but internet information may not always be true and we may harm ourselves with wrong information. We all know that products such as man protein powder, whey protein etc. if consumed in the wrong form, can seriously impact your health. Objective of the doctors from Wholeleaves is to provide information and products which are based on extensive research done nationally and internationally. These products are aimed at providing the “Whole” product to consumers and that’s the essence of “Wholeleaves”.

Packaged Products vs Visible Full Leaves

You see the real plant leaves, feel them and understand what you are receiving in the package. It is really convenient to use these blends as you can decide whether you want to strain and drink them like tea or you want to blend these like a powder and garnish your served food with it. After a span of 4-6 months, these natural elements start talking to you and you’ll start feeling the difference in your health and wellness.

There are famous platforms such as oziva providing oziva products, oziva biotin, oziva protein etc. and these provide products in packaged form. These products are different from the market products named as green teas, white teas, matcha, powder tea, powder matcha, tea herbal, assam tea, masala chai, tea chamomile etc. For example, “Wholesome Wellness” product is a combination of 9 different medicinal plant leaves in a researched proportion and this blend improves skin shine & tone, controls body’s water content, delays ageing process, provide vitamins for hair growth, controls liver damage due to various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes and diabetes symptoms.

See Yourself in Full Body Test Before-After.

Team of Wholeleaves is confident that when you can get the full body test done before and after consuming the blend for 4-6 months, you can clearly see the difference in the health parameters in those tests. We are talking about improving overall wellness by using nature's best kept secret. I.e. real plant leaves.

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